A Nautical Not – So Maxi

Whenever I have had some time away from sewing I find it best to get back into the swing of things by attempting something relatively straightforward and not set my expectations too high. It seems obvious really. Yes, I do believe sewing is a little bit like riding a bike, you never really ‘forget’ but you can wobble a bit and maybe fall off.

It isn’t just technique that can get a bit rusty, but judgement can also become questionable.

I decided to have a go at a straight forward rectangular maxi dress.

I would make it elasticated so no tricky fastenings.

I would add straps that tie so I don’t have to worry about fitting these.


2014-07-27 18.52.52   2014-07-27 18.52.58

Thumbs up or thumbs down I ask you?

It isn’t the worst thing I have made – not by far, trust me I have produced some atrocities on my sewing machine over the years, but there was just something about it I didn’t like.

I felt a bit frumpy to be honest.


2014-07-27 19.17.13  2014-07-27 19.14.38

I chopped of the ‘maxi’ part of the dress!

Yes it kinda defeated the whole point of me wanting to make a maxi dress, but I feel a lot better and a lot less frumpy in it now, and I have already gotten a lot of wear out of it.

It is amazing what showing a bit of leg and putting on some red lipstick can do :D


What do you think of my decision to shorten it?

#2014-07-27 19.16.00

So like I said, this was a straight forward rectangle that I shaped slightly at the top to improve fit. I made my own bias binding for the neckline, underarms and tie straps.

Not really sure what you would call the fabric, I feels a bit polyester but it has a nice drape and I liked the stripes as they aren’t perfect, they are all a bit different. This did mean lining them up was impossible though.

If I made this again I would lower the elasticated waist by a couple of inches as it sits a bit too high and has a tendency to rise up under by bust.

  2014-07-27 19.14.33

I used some navy grosgrain ribbon around the waist which ties at the back. This just helps to hide the elasticated waist runching.

As for the detail around the neck, I found some navy rope when I was buying the fabric. There was only a little bit left but I just knew by looking at it, without even measuring it, that there would be the exact amount I needed to create a little design to add to the nautical vibe I wanted for my not-so maxi dress. I just top stitched over it with a zig-zag stitch as my thread was the perfect match. You can’t even see it.

I have decided I want to add more details like this to future creations to really make them unique. I have tried with collars before but perhaps I could do more with beading or ribbon.

Any other ideas? 


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