Christmas In July – The Gingerbread Man

 Do you want to hear something really scary? 

There are only 23 weekends between now and Christmas! 

Queue the panic. 

As far as I am concerned July is usually waaaay too early to be thinking about winter festivities. However, when Deby of So Sew Easy contacted me about participating in her Christmas in July series, it did get me thinking about what Christmas related, handmade projects I would be embarking on this year. It goes without saying that the earlier you start the more organised you are likely to be, and the more handmade projects you will have time to complete.

Whether you are making gifts or decorations for your tree.

christmas in july felt tree

 Deby has put together an awesome pattern to make a child friendly, 3D ,felt Christmas tree and she is also giving away some felt decoration patterns too.

However, a huge host of guest bloggers have gotten involved and have each created their own felt ornament for the tree – I dread to think how full this little tree will be when we all finished, but how fantastic would it be to have it filled with projects designed from crafters all over the world!

I am one of these guest crafters and today I am sharing my tree decoration…

… The Gingerbread Man! 

gingerbread man

This is so unbelievably simple to put together it really didn’t warrant a whole host of photo instructions.

So here we go:

Step 1 - Print off the pattern

Step 2 - Choose which size you want and cut out the template, then use this to cut 2 out of your chosen colour felt

Step 3 - Attach the two pattern pieces together by blanket stitching around the outside. Make sure you add a loop of ribbon at his head and continue to balnket stitch as normal.

Step 4 - Remember to pop in some stuffing as you go. You may want to use a pancil to poke it gently into the right place

Step 5 - Tie off your stitching securely and trim any loose thread

Step 6 - Decorate as you please – buttons, ribbons, stitching, etc.

Alternatively you could decorate your little guy before you blanket stitch the front and back together, this is purely a matter of preference.

It really is that simple. This is an incredibly straightforward project that doesn’t take long at all, but you have loads of scope to personalise each one.

Check out the mini version that I have attached to a key ring – wouldn’t this make an adorable gift?

2014-07-06 15.57.52

The poor little guy is being blinded by his ribbon collar :D

Click below to download the Free Pattern

Felt Gingerbread Man (100 downloads )


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