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Favourite dress alert!!!

2014-08-02 18.01.54

I often find myself torn between making something practical that I know I will get a lot of wear out of, and making something pretty, that I might only get to wear on odd occasions but boy do I love it!

Normally the pretty wins.

2014-08-02 18.00.52

However, other than being a little hooty in the breast-icle region, I don’t see why this dress can’t be reasonably everyday wearable.  It does work well without the underskirt, making it more practical, but that is no fun!

2014-08-02 18.01.56

A few pattern details:

I used the bodice from New Look 6002 (my ultimate go to pattern for bodices) View C

I used the waistband from the same pattern but widened it a little so it covers my belly a bit more.

I drafted my own gathered circle skirt (had just enough fabric once I had squeezed it all on!)

The bodice is fully lined with white cotton from a bed sheet – cheap and cheerful :D

I used some navy blue ribbon as piping around the top and bottom of the waistband to break up the pattern of the fabric.

 New 6002 pattern

I got the fabric from my first trip to Birmingham and fell in love instantly. I love green and it is not a colour I come across often when searching for fabric, and those blue flowers pop brilliantly. I loved it that much it has taken me all this time to use it because I didn’t want to waste any! Haha! Does anyone else do this?

I didn’t do too badly matching the seams at the back despite having to manipulate the pattern pieces so they would all fit on.

2014-08-02 18.03.09

I was a little confused when making this because I ended up with a really saggy back which never normally happens, and I use this pattern a LOT. I only discovered it late on, and there was no way I was unpicking all my stitching, so I resorted to two darts in the back which sorted it out just fine. Any ideas what went wrong to cause this?

2014-08-02 18.01.52

I already have another version of the exact same dress on my mannequin as we speak. I really need to broaden my horizons and try my hand at some different patterns.

I just find sometimes that I worry a new pattern won’t work out as I want it to and I would feel like I had wasted all that time, so I might as well stick to what I know works.

This is a stupid way to think.

Tell me I’m stupid!

I need pattern recommendations people – tried and tested and oh so vintage-esque. 

Help me please! 


  1. Charlie says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous, Hannah!! I love the colour on you – what a fab dress! Since you tried and tested the pattern before, maybe it’s the fabric? It could’ve stretched while sewing/pressing? Or maybe the widened waistband pushed the back bodice up a bit causing the trouble? xx
    Charlie recently posted…Jersey Cowl Neck TopMy Profile

    • made with hugs and kisses says:

      Thank you hun :D
      That is a good point you make regards the fabric or the waistband being the issue. I am not sure which but i will keep it in mind next time I try this pattern…and there will definatley be a next time :D

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