I’m a Pin-Up Kinda Girl!

Ok, ok, so I don’t think I could really pull off being a pin up girl

…but I do have a dress COVERED in them, which just HAS to be the next best thing!

pin up girl vintage dress at made with hugs and kisses

I made this for a very special occasion – the Sew Dolly Clackett Sewalong being hosted over at Rhinestones and Telephonesin celebration of the forth coming wedding of Rosin (or Dolly Clackett) and Nic!

SDCLogo4b copy

I was determined to get involved with this sewalong because not only is Rosins style inspirational, and completely in tune with my own, but it is a superb example if how the blogging community is simply the very best community there is!  he fact that people are not just willing but are ridiculously enthusiastic about coming together to celebrate the life and talented work of a fellow seamstress and blogger astounds me. There are very few occasions in life where you will witness this happen, it is like we have our own little huge family with the most amazing hobby at its heart!

Anyway, enough of me rambling on about how awesome we all are :D

As I was saying, I was determined to get involved with this sewalong, but as you may have noticed I left my entry up until the very last moment. I wanted to get it just right, and finding the perfect fabric was possibly the most important part of the process.

Would you believe that the fabric I settled on was a bed sheet?! I have been known to dabble with bedding as a source of material, and I couldn’t let this duvet set go. The back was a simple polka dot and the front was layered with these pin up beauties:

pin up dress fabric

I think Rosin should be the lovely lady in the center and I want to be the lipstick lady in blue :D

I wish!

The bodice is completely lined and there isn’t a single raw seam in sight. If It didn’t look so silly I would wear this inside out :D

made with hugs and kisses pin up girl dress

I went for a visible zipper, purely because you couldn’t get a more perfect (yet accidental) colour match if you tried, and that needed celebrating.

dress back pin up girl by made with hugs and kisses  pin up girl dress at made with hugs and kisses back

Please ignore the hem… apparently I didn’t press it very well, all I can see is wrinkles! Back to the iron me thinks.

I used the bodice from New Look pattern 6776, view D, and added a simple gathered rectangle skirt. This wasn’t on the list of Rosin approved patterns, but I think it should be. Anyway, I felt myself drawn to this one and at the end of the day, the fabric is the one in charge and I find that it tells me what to do.

My pin-up girls chose this pattern and I had to oblige!

 simplicity 6776simplicity 6776 drawing

I think that the line drawing highlights the potential of this pattern much more than the pattern cover.

I would have loved to add a circle skirt but this would have had a negative impact on the pattern of the fabric, and I wanted to pattern match the ladies so they were continuous.  The rectangle skirt still works well with my big net underskirt – and that is what matters.

I really like the contrasting tie (also from bedding and also a perfect colour match – I was very lucky with this creation!) but I can’t decide whether to tie it at the front or the back?!

pin up girl dress by made with hugs and kisses

Here is me trying to do a leg flick and failing horribly, I was mid falling over at this point – the pictures that followed were less than  flattering :D

Here I am having almost perfected it… after several attempts:

Pin up girl dress at made with hugs and kisses

I have a feeling you will be seeing more of this pattern in the near future.

I am dying to hear what you think of my Clackett inspired dress.

Happy sewing – and congratulations Rosin.



  1. Villvetta says:

    Hi, you look stunning in that dress! I was wondering where you bought the bedding fabric, and what pattern you used for the skirt? Thanks in advance.

    • made with hugs and kisses says:

      Thank you for the lovely comment :D I bought the bedding set from ASDA – it is part of their new home deco line and is still in stock now, so if you act fast you should be able to grab a set for yourself. I should be given commission! Haha. Honestly though – I would love to see what you do with it. As for the skirt- i just drafted that myself. Google circle skirt, there are so many tutorials out there. Happy sewing x

  2. Villvetta says:

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Only wish they would ship to Norway. .
    and I even discovered they have the same pin up motive as a shower curtain! And I can’t get it. Bummer.

    My only hope now is that someone sells both on eBay or Etsy and are willing to ship it to me.

    • made with hugs and kisses says:

      I have just done a search on ebay for pin up girl bedding and loads come up. Im sure some of them will ship to norway. To keep the cost down I made my dress from a single duvet set and there was plenty! X

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