Lucinda Skirt with Pink Piping

Recently I have been trying my hand at some indie patterns, some that you can download for free and others that I have purchased.

It is amazing what people have been able to create and share, and inspiring that so many fellow sewers have been able to turn their talents and hobbies into a business.

Well, a while back I came across a post by the lovely Amy from Sews N Bows. She was posting about an indie pattern designer she had found and was reviewing one of their patterns. It was a gorgeous and unusual pencil skirt pattern that she had adapted slightly and shortened to make it perfect for summer wear. Check out her post HERE.


The creator of this wonderful pattern is Parnuuna from Be My Goth. You really should check out her website and her shop.  As well as some amazing patterns you can purchase, she also has some that you can download for free and a range of tutorials. What more could you want!?!

Amy introduced the two of us through our blogs and we got chatting. It wasn’t long before I went ahead and purchased the Lucinda Skirt pattern.

lucinda skirt sketch

What is great about this particular pattern is that, although Parnnuna’s style is very alternative, hence the title of her blog,  which isn’t my particular style, there are so many opportunities and ways to adapt this particular pattern to make it your own. Simply through a change of fabric this skirt quickly goes from alternative to vintage – almost pin-up I would say!


Using this pattern introduced me to the use of piping. I had dabbled with it before but this was the first time when I made it from scratch myself , and now I am addicted to the stuff. And it is so easy to do, I will get a tutorial together soon :D

There are two key features to this skirt. The first is the corset-style waist band. It is made up of several pieces and can be pieced together either using piping or without. The piping helps to emphasise the effect of the paneling.


The second feature this the adorable pleated pockets. Again I think the use of piping really adds to the cuteness of these pockets. The skirt works equally well both with and without the pockets, They are completely optional.


I chose to make my version in a grey suiting material with contrasting coral pink piping. Rather than line the skirt I used bias tape to seal the seams on the inside of the skirt and it looks really nifty (I forgot to take a photo, sorry)

I think that the Lucinda skirt made in a suiting material makes it perfect for work, don’t you think?!

It is important to remember when using this pattern that seam allowances are not included. I may have forgotten this the first time I made it, I think I was too excited and rushed into it without paying full attention, Naughty me! This was completely my fault, it clearly states in the very detailed and easy to follow instructions, that seam allowance needs to be included, and each pattern piece tells you how much you should add.

The only thing I would say about this pattern is that I did have to cut out the largest size available. Now I know I am not exactly stick thin, and I am in the process of trying to drop some weight, but a pattern that is so perfect for curvy ladies would certainly be well received in some larger sizes – you know curvy lady sizes!

Having said this, I have been experimenting with drafting some of my own patterns and attempting to grade them to different sizes and I know this can be very difficult. I only suggest this idea because when selling patterns, the more people that have the option of purchasing it the better!


So in conclusion I really do love this pattern. It is versatile, adaptable and is drafted perfectly with the pieces fitting together very smoothly.

I have already made a second version of this skirt which I will share with you soon. It is such a versatile pattern that I know I am going to get a LOT of use out of.  I might even try a version without the pockets. I am also wondering if it would be possible to adapt it to make a dress by adding a floaty bodice section. I am getting ahead of myself now!

I would love to hear if you have tried this pattern!

Thanks for stopping by


NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post, I simply wanted to let you know about an amazing sewing pattern that I found.


  1. Amy Mayen says:

    I was dying to see what you would do with this pattern! I knew you would make it your very own! I am so used to seeing you in the full skirts, this really suits you. I think you look kind of tiny actually…no need to worry about fluffiness Hannah!

    • Hannah Elizabeth Smith says:

      fluffiness! lol.

      thanks hun, I was hoping to get your approval since yours was so amazing! I think there will be many more of these to come, but in my own girly, vintage style of course! I do love a full skirt but there is something very ‘feel good’ about a fitted skirt xxx

  2. Rachel says:

    you really transformed the original style to your own (which is more like mine too) love the pink piping and it looks very pinup with the matching cardi!

    • Hannah Elizabeth Smith says:

      You know I had never even heard of a piping trimming tool until your comment, thanks for the tip! I have googled it and they do look useful. I imagine I will be purchasing one in the near future.
      There are so mnay wonderful sewing gadgets out there, do you have one in particular you couldn;t live without? xxx

      • Sherilyn, Cherished Needle Creations says:

        I really love the Darr piping tool, but Simplicity also has one with more options for different seam allowance widths, I believe. There may be others as well. I would look at a couple and see which has the seam allowance widths you think you will use most often and then buy that one. They really are useful to make your seam allowance on your piping more accurate, so if you want to use piping a lot, they are a definitely useful investment.

  3. zora read says:

    I love this skirt, I have never bought patterns on line but may have to make an exception in this case, you look like a real bombshell in it and kind of petite.

    • Hannah Elizabeth Smith says:

      oooh, bombshell! I like that :D
      I was the same until recently, in fact this might have been the first pattern I bought online, it just took me a while to find the fabric I wanted. it is a gorgeous pattern though and one I know ill get used a lot! I look forward to seeing what you make if you do buy it :d xxx

  4. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet says:

    You look stunning in that skirt! It is really out of this world amazing. Pink is my favorite color of all time and the gray in that skirt just really makes the color pop and accents all the cool lines. Also…clearly I’ve been away too long because your blog graphics are new and improved! Looking snazzy my friend. It’s been a busy summer, but I still think of you often, friend. Glad to see you busy with sewing projects a plenty!

    • Hannah Elizabeth Smith says:

      Hey lovely :D
      Thanks for stopping by, and I am glad you like my new look. Ever since you put all that time and hard work into your blog I have been thinking about improving my own, you were definatley a big influence.
      I had to keep it pink though :D

      I think our summer is nearly over now, though I ahve tried to fit as much sewing in as possible before I start work in september… panic!!!
      how about you, have you had much chance to be crafty lately?

      • Lauren @ The Thinking Closet says:

        Of course! No other option THAN pink! (You know it’s my favorite color, right? Wearing pink jeans as I type!)

        Work starts for me the last week in August…though it’s certainly a lot less hours than you’ll be putting in. REALLY excited for you, Hannah!

        And I really haven’t had the time to be crafty…but I’ve made the time (which means there’s a huge, neglected pile of laundry in my closet floor…and an empty fridge….tee hee). I just can’t help myself! :-)

  5. BeMyGoth (@BeMyGoth) says:

    Yay! It looks really really gorgeous on you! :)
    It’s really fun and inspiring to see what different people do with the pattern.

    I’ve gone and made more sizes to the patterns, so it ranges from 36-50, so practically everyone should have a chance to make it. ;) AND I’ve added inches!

    I’ve bought some grey stripey/zebra-ish fabric, that I’ll try out in a shorter version as Amy’s. :)

    Thank you for the awesome feedback! <3

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