Made With Hugs and Kisses By You!

Every time I log onto my blog and find I have a message or a comment, or even a ‘like’ I think to myself – WOW! Someone out there actually relates to my sewing related ramblings and has taken the time to let me know what they think.

It astounds me that when I am lay on the couch with the laptop burning my legs as it overheats and I am getting a stitch because I must sit at a weird angle so that I can both type and watch TV, that what is created during those late hours is actually worthy of being read by people all over the world. Don’t get me wrong, I write my blog to be read, but I never really, truly know if what I say is of interest to anyone outside of my own head. I personally think I am witty and a great read, but not everyone will agree I am sure :D


So anyway, when the odd occasion arises where I stumble across someone else’s blog post or project feature, or get an email from a reader, with a picture attached of one of THEIR creations, made by using one of MY PATTERNS, well I just about do a front flip in my own front living room. That feeling is amazing and I wanted to dedicate my post today to some of these.

50's apron food love and shelter

 I stumbled across this on Craftsy. User ‘Food Love and Shelter‘ took my Traditional Apron pattern and put it to superb use using a light blue cotton and some denim for the waist band – what a great idea! It looks gorgeous on her and fits brilliantly.


Inge contacted me via email to share her version of my Button Down Peplum Blouse. She made an African inspired outfit as she lives part time there. I love the print of the fabric and would never have thought to team it with a long skirt but it really works! This outfit really pops and again, looks brilliant!

Haleys quilt2013 031

Kim Smith emailed me AGESSSS ago with her photo of the Button Down Peplum Blouse and I am so sorry it took me this long to finally sharing it. I was blown away by how adorable her version was. Those little cap sleeves work perfectly, so much so that I am kinda annoyed I didn’t think of it myself :D Patterns are there to be played with in my opinion and it is great to see how someone else can interpret it and add their own stamp.

allie top

Speaking of pattern hacks, I shared this with you a little while back. Claire took my most recent pattern, the Allie Dress and turned it into a top. I particularly like the sheer panel at the top making it much more modest than my original :D

Thank you so much to the Ladies who have given my patterns a go and have shared their finished creations with me. It is inspiring to see your hard work pay off and I am thrilled I was able to create something that was of use to you.

If anyone else has had a go at any of my patterns, please do not hesitate to send me a picture or a link. It really will make my day.

Thank you!


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