Pattern Hack – The Allie Top

What I am about to share with you is so awesome! I am super excited, and quite honoured to be honest.

You may recall a few weeks back I announced the release of my latest FREE sewing pattern - The Allie Dress.  Now I love this dress, it is my baby, I have already made a couple of versions (HERE) and I have more that are currently in planning stages. I feel like this dress really encapsules my personal style and I know I will wear them day in day out over summer.

This isn’t the case for everyone of course and I knew when creating it that it was going to be a love it or hate it kinda pattern. Ok well not hate it because that is a bit harsh, and it is so adorable I don’t think anyone could truly hate it. Perhaps less inclined towards it is more accurate wording. And that it fine, I don’t mind, as long as someone out there in the big, wide, sewing web is able to find it and make some use of it, then I am a happy little blogger.

Well, Claire from I Want To Be A Turtle was one of those exact people. She felt a little less inclined towards the pattern purely because it wasn’t quite her style and she wasn’t sure when she would get chance to wear it. This is a completely understandable rationale and most people, myself included, would probably just move onto the next pattern.

But not Claire.

Claire is so wonderfully thoughtful and considerate and is always ready for a sewing challenge.

You just HAVE to pop on over to Claire’s blog and see what she has done to the Allie Dress pattern in order to make it into something she can wear day in day…

allie top

… she has gone into pattern hack mode and turned it into and Allie Top!


Thank you so much Claire for giving the Allie dress / top a go, I hope you enjoyed it :D


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