Spring Clean Your Sewing Space – Washer Weights Tutorial

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I have a question for you…

How do you weigh down those flimsy tissue pattern pieces when cutting out your fabric?

2014-01-04 19.51.222014-01-04 19.51.482014-01-04 19.52.432014-01-04 19.57.11

Do any of the above look familiar?

Or perhaps you have heard of washer weights and how useful they can be?

2014-01-04 19.54.50

They are small, cheap, the perfect weight and easy to maneuver scissors around them.

However, they are not quite perfect…. they are pretty boring looking!

So why not jazz them up?

2014-01-04 19.11.082014-01-04 19.14.59

You will need a selection of metal washers and some beautiful coloured card.

You can purchase washers form any good DIY store – I bought mine from B&Q. There are loads of different sizes and weights so just have a feel and see what is best for your fabric needs.

2014-01-04 19.19.542014-01-04 19.26.33

Draw around your washers on the back of the card and cut them out – Don’t forget to cut out the center hole also.

2014-01-04 19.29.502014-01-04 19.34.07

Now glue the card to the washers – I found using a glue gun to work best – but you could try other types of glues.

2014-01-04 19.35.07

And you are done!

2014-01-04 19.55.32

Now try out your new fabric weights – aren’t they adorable!

   2014-01-04 19.39.32   2014-01-04 19.40.36   2014-01-04 19.37.53

And don’t forget to find somewhere equally adorable to store them!


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