Summer Sewing Challenge Update

When you are a kid, the summer holidays seem like they last forever. Long days of endless sunshine, playing out in the street with your friends and winding up your parents as they count down the days until they can get some rest and send you back to school.

As a new teacher at the end of her first year on the job, I envisaged my summer holidays to be reminiscent of those as a child – minus the winding up my parents but because I am all grown up and have my own house now – although I think Mr Hugs and Kisses is getting a little sick of me now! Haha.

Thinking that the summer would last forever I set myself a sewing challenge to make a minimum of three garments per week, totaling 18 overall. I figured this would ensure I was exceedingly productive with my sewing over the holidays, especially as over  the last few months before breaking up I hadn’t set foot in my sewing room due to lack of time and energy.

18 garments!!!! 

I must have been having a crazy moment. 

Well, I have exactly one week left before I get back into the routine of work.

How am I getting along I hear you ask?

summer sewing challenge by made with hugs and kisses

I have made a grand total of  10 garments so far (yes I know there are only six in the pictures but some garments were in the wash!) 

I am in the final stages of creating another pdf pattern (I am not giving anything away though)

And I have done a little bit of pattern testing – but I am under strict instructions from the creator to keep this secret :D

So overall I HAVE been rather productive, and the pattern testing and pdf pattern weren’t exactly planned. But with 18 garments as my target number I still have a long way to go, and only a week to complete them in!!!

summer sewing challenge by made with hugs and kisses

Can it be done?

I am starting to panic.

Some words of encouragement please people :D

How productive has everyone else been over the summer? 


  1. Lieke // A Bouquet of Buttons says:

    10 is pretty impressive! I made 5 pieces of clothing, and a skit that is almmost finished, 1 bag and I’m working on 2 more. But I only had 2,5 weeks where I didn’t have to work. So I’m still pretty pleased with the result. Hmm while writing it down I did also sew a lot. But some pieces are harder to sew then others, so that’s also something you should keep in mind. I mosly sewed sepates.

    • made with hugs and kisses says:

      5 is really good in just 2.5 weeks! I know what you mean about some pieces being harder to sew. I have a few super quick projects in mind for this week to see if I can get myself closer to my final target number. Sneaky! Hope you enjoyed your time off :D

    • made with hugs and kisses says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment :D
      I still have a week to go, I plan on being as close to that 18 as possible! Perhaps some Autumn style garments so I can get lots of wear out of them.
      Have you had chance to make much this summer?

  2. Janette says:

    I’m a teacher and I’m back in school this week to set up for next week. Those six weeks just evaporate!
    I think you have done extraordinarily well, have a gold star. I managed to make the grand total of three garments. A top, a pair of trousers and a skirt. I’m about to start on a SWAP so that I have something to wear next term that looks smart, is comfortable, washes easily and will cope with sitting on tiny chairs.

    Good luck for year two. It does get easier, honest.

    • made with hugs and kisses says:

      Hi Janette :D
      I feel your pain, I went back today to start organising my classroom too. I felt like I was faced with such a huge job and had no idea where to start. It took me a good hour to get back into the swing of things. Going to be getting up early tomorrow to attempt day 2 or classroom set up and then kids are back next week. I feel tired just thinking about it! Haha. Hope your classroom is going well.
      And thank you for my gold star :D

      What is a SWAP may I ask? Whatever it is, good luck getting some practical clothes for work – damn tiny chairs!

    • made with hugs and kisses says:

      That is very true. October half term is…. 8 weeks away! Oh no, that sounds like a lifetime! haha. I am very proud of how productive I have been so far, and there is still a week left!

      When you say new teaching job do you mean your first or are you changing schools? Either way a HUGE good luck. I hope it goes well and the children aren’t too mean to you :D hehe

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